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Tobii offer an Eye Tracking ‘consultancy’ service known as Insight Services. Outsource your research project to the Global Leaders in Eye Tracking technology and enjoy the peace of mind that you are safe in the hands of the experts.

Eye Tracking provides significant input in all stages of the innovation process, from identifying new ideas to validation of product performance in the market place.

Eye Tracking can help you to describe user behaviour, identify opportunities & issues, and measure & compare performance that is important to the specific innovation phase of your focus.

Tobii Insight Services cover segments ranging from in-store shopper research and package design testing to automotive research and industrial Eye Tracking.

Insight Services Areas of Research

Package Testing
Understand and measure the visual performance of package design. More info from Tobii.

Shopper Research
Gain deep insights into shopper behaviour. More info from Tobii.

Advertising Testing
Understand and measure the visual performance of advertisements. More info from Tobii.

Website Usability Research
Identify what your website needs to communicate to your target audience as intended. More info from Tobii.

Mobile/Tablet Usability Research
Test a mobile device or tablet to see which interface elements attract user attention, to identify usability problems or to measure the impact of mobile advertising. More info from Tobii.

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