A/B Testing

A/B Testing - A


A/B Testing - B 
A/B Testing - A with Heatmap


A/B Testing - B with Heatmap

What is A/B testing?

A/B testing is a methodology in advertising of two variants, A and B, which represent two variations of your print advertisement.

As the name implies, two versions (A and B) are compared, which are identical except for one or more variations that might impact a user’s behaviour and can represent a significant gain in sales.

Such experiments are commonly used in marketing, as well as in more traditional forms of advertising. The goal is to identify changes to print advertisements that improve the visual and communication potential.

Significant improvements can be seen through testing elements like copy text, layouts, images and colours.

Purpose of the Eye Tracking study

The main purpose of this Eye Tracking A/B study is to evaluate 2 versions of an advertisement to understand their impact from a visual and communication potential aspect.

  • Evaluate how people view and scan the different ads.
  • Evaluate how people remember the brand behind each ad.
  • Evaluate how people understand the message of each ad.
  • Evaluate the interest level for each ad.
  • A correlation between the eye tracking data and a survey will generate valuable understanding of why an ad is effective.


The A/B Testing Process

The A/B Testing Process


Deliverables and Cost

  • 2 week delivery from project commencement
  • One report containing analysis for both of the measured ads
  • POA depending on the number of studies you wish to do


Download Example A/B Report

  • Shows the Eye Tracking results for Ramlösa, a Swedish brand of Sparkling Mineral Water


Requirements to book your A/B Eye Tracking study

  • 2 x print ads (A&B) – in .jpeg format, 1280 x 1204 resolution
  • A description of the ‘message’ the ads are intended to convey to your customers



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